Our essentials list.

Listed below are the basic items we expect to be packing in the van on our trips. The list will probably evolve over time as we learn more and will differ depending on the time of year and nature of the trip.

Items in “Black” will probably be taken on all trips.
items in “Grey” when we think necessary.
Items in “Mouve need to be upgraded, replaced, or are under construction).
Items in “
Italics” we currently take or restock from home.

I will add the links to reviews and more information ASAP.

For the Van.

Water, (fresh for each trip, 12L to 72L dependent on the type of trip).
Fuel, (spare 5L or 10L until the second fuel tank is fitted).
(dependent on the time of the year or type of trip).
Gaffer tape.
Fire extinguisher, (old, needs to be replaced).

Jack, (Bottle or High-Lift dependent on the type of trip).
Wheel nut socket & 3/4″ drive breaker bar.
      (Breaker bar adaptors in the toolkit).
Waste Nut Box/Tube Spanner 50mm, (fits fuel filter).
Tyre pressure deflator & gauge.
Tyre pump, (foot pump until we fit an electric one ).
Jump leads.
Tow Rope, (need to splice eyes in a new one).
Reflective warning triangles, (posable illuminated & available quickly).
Reflective waistcoats, (available quickly).
Overalls, (possibly replace with waterproof type ).
Basic tool kit, (not complete yet).

Tablet computer, (portable Sat-Nav, Repair & first aid manuals).
AA card, (phone number).
Printed speed conversion sheets, (mph – kph – mph, needs printing).

For the occupants & Camping equipment.

First aid kit, (Need one permanently in the van).
Emergency snatch bags, (contents dependent on destinations).
Emergency contact numbers, (hard copies, also 
copies in snatch bags).
Mobile phone, (with satellite GPS, & connection to the internet).

LED head torches.
Spare batteries, (for head torches).
Insect repellent, (pump spray), (part of first aid + kit)
Sunburn protection, (pump spray?),  (part of first aid + kit).
Antiseptic hand cleaner,  (part of first aid + kit).

Water, (fresh each trip, 12L to 72L dependent on the type of trip as above).
Sugar, tea & dried milk.
Fresh milk, (from home).

Dried Food, (dependent on the type of trip).
Frozen food, (dependent on the type of trip).
Beer & Wine.

Sleeping bags, (down or Synthetic dependent on the type of trip).
Pillows, (possibly inflatable).
Gas heater for the Van when stationary, (until diesel heater is fitted).
Midge netting for door and windows, (under construction).

LED hanging light + UV bug killer.
Bug bat.

Cooking utensils, cups, plates & cutlery, (for permanently in the van).
Gas, (for cooker & heater until diesel hob is fitted).
Tea clothes.
Washing up liquid, soap & detergent.
Loo roll.
Washing line, (using poles and pegs).
Washing line, (to attaches to the van, under construction).

Dustpan & brush.
Pick & Shovel, (entrenching tool).

Additional equipment depending on the type of trip or destination.

Recovery kit,  (in part or all as required).
Snow chains, (if required).
Additional spares & tools (for longer trips or remote places if required).
Additional First Aid Equipment, (for remote places if required).
EU medical cover card (E111), (dependent on the type of trip).
Travel Insurance, (dependent on the type of trip). 

Some additional nice to have items.

These are not really essential but will probably get left in the van, or taken on most trips.

Fishing tackle, (boat & beach).
Camping seats.
Binoculars & or camera, tripod and long lens.




To be continued