Work in progress.

 Below is the list of jobs we are currently working on, or are planning to do in the future! 

As the jobs are completed they will be moved to the slowly growing  “What’s been done” section, and also  the Permanently fitted sector in the reviews section.
Also included below are ideas we are working on for recovery, maintenance and camping kit etc., which when completed will be moved to their relevant sector in the reviews section.
There is no set order for the jobs, they will be completed when the opportunity arises, or as necessity & money dictates. Whenever possible we hope to make or fit the items for ourselves.
The list also helps us  by highlighting when ideas conflict. Some of them will probably be on the list for a long time (or possibly removed if not feasible), and more certainly added.
We have tried to group them into the most relevant categories.

The basic categories.
Mechanical and electrics.
   Maintenance & Field repair.
       Recovery kit.
Spares carried in the van.
General use
with the van.
       Camping kit.
Custom (home-made) tools.
Spares & tools for longer trips.

Items in “mauve” need to be replaced,upgraded or we need more.
Items in “Green” are almost completed and will soon be moved to their relevant section if not already there.

When time allows I will try to add links to all the items on the list, giving our thought and reasoning behind them and information and reviews when completed.

Looking further ahead “plans and pipe dreams” are a few possible ideas for the future.

Mechanical and electrics, (see completed Items).

E C U, (Mapping still not correct).
Cruise control, (Adaptive if possible).
New ECU junction box.
Field maintainable (flushable) Diesel Filter.
Twin (second) radiator fans.
Washable main air filters on the engine air intake.
Cyclonic dust filter on the engine air intake, (before the main filter).
Alternator Drive Belt cover.
Fix accelerator cable.
Air-Oil separator, (if not already fitted).
Oil level indicator /gauge senders on engine.

Modify engine cradle, to
allow the engine to tilt, (clutch/gearbox removal).
Lower Charge cooler,
(To clear engine hatch properly).
Lower water expansion tank, (To clear engine hatch properly).
Fire suppressant system in the engine bay.

Gearbox upgraded.
CV coupling serviced.
Oil level indicator /gage senders on the gearbox.
Cable gear lineage, (to allow for a second full-size underslung box).
Front differential serviced.

Upgrade CV joints.
CV Boot Protector.

Bushes replaced with poly bushes where possible.
Raise front top spring mounts 2” -3”, (to accommodate 2” lift springs).
2” lift springs on the front, (only if spring mounts, can be modified).
Adjustable rear ride height.
Go westy” 2″ lift progressive rear springs.
Uprated front disk brakes.
Non-return valves on brake bleed points.

Twin headlights.
LED headlights, (on hold for the moment as it seems their illegal).
Sidelights on with ignition, (for driving in Scandinavia etc.).
Daytime running lights with fog lights,  (Under construction).
LED illuminated front logo,  (Under construction).
LED rear light clusters.

Compressor (high power) and air tank.
Lithium battery system.
Integrated engine, solar, mains power input system.

Fusses replaced with circuit breakers, (some left to change).
Upgraded dash clocks, (needs fixing).
Interchangeable MPH / KPH speed dials.
Second head unit.
Compass and clino.
USB charging points in the dashboard.
Phone charger mat.
CO2 smoke detectors, (need replacing).
Parking sensors.
Reversing camera and LCD display mirror.

Heated front window, (electric).
Air-con, move to the front and fix.
Recirculating heated air modification.
Fix electric window winders.
Change locking system on quarter lights, (to allow for roller blinds).
Change locking system on front doors, (to allow for roller blinds).

External, (see completed Items).

Aluminium, Sump/Engine protection.
Aluminium, front bash-plate.
Aluminium, driveshaft protection plate.
Uprated front winching attachment points.
Rear winching attachment points.
Strengthened sills & jacking points.
Galvanised removable parts where possible.
Rock Sliders, (aluminium if practicable).
Adjustable height tow bar.

Extend side door runner, (for better rear-wheel clearance).
Nylon rollers for the side door.
Inner wheel arch protectors. 
Mudflaps to fit extended wheel arches, (front & Back).

Underslung fuel tanks x 2.
Underslung storage and battery-boxes x 2, (second still to be installed).
Third small fuel header tank in the engine bay, (if required).
Move fuel inlet up higher & fit flap that locks with central locking.

Pull out sidestep.
Foldout rear step, (to reach ladder).
Storage racks for levelling wedges, (under the front of the van).
Storage lockers behind rear wheel arches.
Storage lockers in the ends of a  modified rear bumper.

  Twin swing-out arms attachments.
      Modify wheel carrier mount, (180 degrees, wheel faces the other way).
      Second wheel carrier mount.
      LED light for the top of the flag pole.
      Telescopic Camera pole, (for an internally operated camera or video).
      Storage containers for in spare wheel hub recesses.
      Space saver spare wheel, (for local trips only, under consideration).
      Bike rack, (under consideration).

  4 bar Roof Rack attachments.                   
      Rain baffle under wind out awning case.
      Sand ladder racks.
      Central walkway boards.
      Solar panels, (under consideration).

CB aerial, (second still to fix).
Waterproof access points for CB aerial cables, in the roof.
Indicator and sidelights (LED) in wing mirrors.
Electric folding truck style wing mirrors.
Sand screens & fixings for windows & lights.
Acrylic covers on headlights.
Water jets on headlights.
Spacers for rear light clusters, (to improve their visibility & power outlet).
LED lights on the underside of the awning.
Clip-on the side washing line, (Possibly 2).
Clip-on side sun shield.
Solar panels, (Possible on the awning, Roof Rack or roof boxes).
Sealed power inlet in the roof for solar panels.
Awing pole mounts on side of the van, (will need pole extensions).

Pop-top roof, (load-bearing).
Move cross member back when fitting pop-top.
Pipe storage box & awning integrated into sides of the pop-top roof.
CB aerials integrated into sides of the pop-top roof.
Roof rails & crossbars.
Sunroof/access hatch at the front.
Sunroof type vents in pop-top, (x2).

Treat rust & total respray, (white with 2 or 3  horizontal black lines ?).

Internal, (see completed Items).

Extend floor where the fuel tank was, (planed mod after fuel tank is moved).
Water storage where the old fuel tank was, (accessible from inside van).
Reduce engine hatch size, (to clear intended cupboards).
Fully waterproof/air-tight engine hatch.
Thermal insulation to panels,  (waterproof closed-cell type).

Altro Flooring on the plywood floor.

Deadlock through bolts on all doors.
Three-point seat belts in the back of the van.

Internal recessed pull handle in the rear of the side door.
Waterproofing panels for all door openings, (deep water fording).
Map pockets in the sliding door, (access above the maximum waterline).
Camping seat storage in the tailgate.
Internal rear Tailgate release.

Gas hob, sink and cupboard units, (Under construction Temporary).
Diesel hob, sink and cupboard units.
Compressor fridge / freezers, (remote compressor).
Diesel space & water heater.
3/4 R&R bed.

Rotatable driver’s seat.
Forward folding front seats.
Aluminium tread plate on the back of the front seats.
Storage under and in the back of front seats.
Heated front seats.
Heated back seats.

Roller blinds on all windows to replace curtains.
Thermal screens for windows, (to fit between roller blinds & glass).
Midge netting for windows, (possibly second roller blinds).
Midge netting for doors.

Curtain surround for the open tailgate, (shower cubical).
Pump from the water heater to an external showerhead.

Electric fans to rear side window vents.
Cup holder in the back of the van.
USB charging points in the back of the van.
Onboard Wi-Fi.
360° camera system.
Fix the speaker system.

Permanent engine hoist points in roof of van.
Hoist for the engine, (Dyneema and micro pulleys).


Maintenance & Field repair, (see completed Items).

Hydraulic fluid, (for Brake and Clutch).
Hydraulic fluid, (for Power stirring).
Bulb Set, (possible LEDs).
Fire extinguisher, (old, need a new one).
Spare fuses, (circuit breaker type).
Tow Rope, (See Recovery).
Overalls, (possible waterproof).
Jacking points Clip-in lever jakes, (rapid suspension height adjustment).
Spanner for adjusting suspension height.
Electric tyre pump, (fitted onboard).
Illuminated (LED) reflective warning triangles, (available quickly).
Digitised works manuals.
AA card and or phone number, (need to print numbers and laminate).

Basic tool kit, (not complete).
Spares for the van.  (not complete).
Additional spares usually left at home,  (not complete).


Recovery kit, (see completed Items).

GPS, (additional to the fixed sat nav in the van, possibly on phone).
Dash-mounted CB radio, (malty channelled if possible).
Dash-mounted 10m radio, (will need a licence).

Ground Anchor plates (x2), ((+2 )need a second set).
Soft groundsheet attachment for anchor plates, (under construction).
Ground Anchor pin extractor, (Mk 2 under construction).

Tow Rope, (need to splice eyes in a new one).
Ropes, “Hulling static dynami, (need more).
Towing straps(x4), (may need more).

Pulleys, (need more).
Soft shackles, (need more).
Hard shackles and or maillons, (need more, prefer soft shackles).

Wheel-mounted recovery winch system, (under consideration).

Tyre bead breaker, (under construction).
       (Attaches to the 3/4″ breaker bar permanently stored in the van).
Tyre repair kit.
Inner tubes, (requires the correct type of tyres).
Inner-tube repair kit.

Sand Ladders.
Rigid towing bar, (possible A-frame configurable).
Emergency fuel leak bag & connectors.
Chain Saw/pole saw, (battery-powered, requires charging facilities).
Portable floodlight, (battery-powered, requires charging facilities).

General use & Camping kit, (see completed Items).

First Aid Kit, (permanently in the van).
Emergency snatch bags,  (possible part of seatback storage).
Fire extinguisher, (Old one needs replacing / upgrading).

Tablet computer & Charger, (Wi-Fi navigation & manuals).
GPS receiver for tablet or laptop.
Digitised First Aid manuals.
Digitised maps.

Printed speed conversion sheets, (mph – kph – mph).
Automatically resettable checklist.
Charging system for portable tools and other devices.
High power LED head torches, (caving lights).

Sharp knives & cooking utensils, (permanently in the van).
Glasses Cups, plates & cutlery, (permanently in the van).
Collapsible oven, (for candle, BBQ, gas or diesel hob).

Washing line, (That attaches to the van).

Flatpack Fire Pit/Stove (MK 2), (under consideration).
    Lithium battery powered:-
          Chainsaw/pole saw, (see recovery).
          Vacuum cleaner.
          Portable floodlight,  (see recovery).        
          Jet wash.
          SDS drill, (for bolting on caving trips or work).
         Angle grinder, (work or repairs).

Axe or bill hook, (log splitting).
Bow saw.
Portable, Gas Heater.
Square ended down sleeping bags, (under consideration).

Levelling wedges (2),  (needs storage rack).
Plastic post and chain link fence.

    Attachments for the swing-out arms, (See External).
    Attachments for 4 Bar Roof Rack, (See External).

Popup loo tent.
Portaloo seat, (needs more research).

Electric bikes, (under consideration).

Camping kit, (see completed Items).

No planned additions at present.

Custom (home-made) tools, (see completed Items). 

Welding trolley.
Metal brake.
Fabricating-Tools Stand/Bench.
Tube Bender, (Still in the planning stage).
Fly press, (Still in the planning stage).