Permanently fitted.

Below is the list of links to more detailed information photos & reviews on the modifications or items we have permanently fitted on the Beast so far.
The items in “Green” are almost completed.

The basic categories.
Mechanical and electrics.

Sorry, not all links are fully active yet.

Mechanical and electrics.

EE20 Subaru engine.
E C U,  (Mapping still not correct).
Charge cooler.
Integrated main, charge cooler & air-con rad fitted. 
Stainless Steel exhaust system fitted.


Gearbox upgraded.
CV coupling serviced.
Modified dual-mass clutch & thrust bearing.
Front differential serviced.

Electric powered power steering pump.

Go Westy progressive springs, (front fitted).
Adjustable front ride height.
Adjustable shocks front & back.
16″ trailing arms.
16″ Wheels fitted with  235-70-R16 tyres.
Up-rated brake servo.
Rear disk brakes.

Fusses replaced with circuit breakers, (some left to change).
Upgraded dash clocks, (calibration and wiring to complete).
Sat-Nav head unit.


Modified engine Sump guard, (will be replaced with aluminium).
Uprated front winching attachment points.
Removable parts underneath galvanised.
Extended front & Rear Wheel Arches.
Underslung storage and battery-boxes, (second still to be installed).

Twin swing-out arms.
        (see “General use with the van” for attachments).

4 bar Roof Rack.
          (See “General use with the van” for attachments).

CB aerial, (second still to fix).
Truck mirrors.



Plywood floor with hatch to access storage /battery box.
Large rubber backed carpet/mat.
Rotatable passenger’s seat.