Spares for the van.

Along with a basic tool kit and associated consumables, listed below are the spare parts we would also expect to be carrying in the van most of the time. The list is far from complete as, like the tool kit etc. we are still slowlylearning what we need.

Items in the “mauve” are still on our wishlist( not yet purchased).
I will add links to reviews and more information about individual items asap.

Spares carried in the van.

Water, (fresh for each trip, 12L to 72L dependent on the type of trip).
Fuel, (spare 5L until the second fuel tank is fitted).
Oil, (for the Engine).
Screenwash concentrate, (with Antifreeze depending on the type of trip).
De-icer, (dependent on the time of the year or type of trip).
Hydraulic fluid, (for Brake and Clutch).
Hydraulic fluid, (for Power stirring).
Bulb Set, (possible LEDs).
Spare fuses, (circuit breaker type).


Spares & tools for longer trips.