Tools & Spares for longer trips.

Listed below are the tools & spares usually left at home for planned jobs, but available if required for longer trips or journeys to more remote places. Like the other lists, it is far from complete and still evolving as we learn more about the van and what we need.
Items in “mauve” are still on our wishlist( or under construction).
I will add links to reviews and more information about individual items asap.

Additional available tools. Usually left at home for planned jobs.
        Some would need mains power to use.

Trolley jack, (High lift).
Axle stands.
Large crowbars (x2).
Drill, (battery-powered).
Impact driver, (battery-powered).
Impact driver, (Hammer).
115mm  Angle grinder, (battery-powered).
Comprehensive socket set.
Comprehensive spanner set,
Large torque reach.
Small torque reach.
Self-Adjusting Pliers.
Ball pen hammer 32oz.
Slide hammer, (dent puller).
Brake bleed kit, (Non-return valves fitted on all brakes).
Coil Spring Compressor Kit.
Timing light, (240v or 12v)?
Engine cooling system drain and fill kit.

Engine oil system drain and fill kit.
Wax Treatment High Pressure Sprayer.
Compression Tester.
G Camps.

Drills, (240v).
Welding kit, (240v).
225mm Angle grinder, (240v).
115 mm Angle grinder, (240v).
Chop saw, (240v).
Nibbler, (240v).
Die Grinder, (240v).


Additional spares usually left at home.
        Items carried will depend on the type of trip.

Engine Antifreeze concentrate.
Fuel filters, (cleanable if possible).
Air filter, (until cleanable one is fitted).
Injector plugs.
Glow plugs.
Fuel pipe and clips.
Wheel nuts.
Front half-shafts with CV joints.
Rear half-shafts with CV joints.
Front Wheel Bearings.
Rear Wheel Bearings.
Alternator Regulator/Brush Pack.
Alternator Drive Belt.
Accelerator Cable.
Gaskets paper.
Spare Hub Nuts.
Extra Grease.
Exhaust Paste.
Blue Hylomar.
Fuel pump, & or Serves kit.
Water Pump, & or Serves kit.
Clutch Master Cylinder & or Serves kit.
Clutch Slave Cylinder & or Serves kit.
Brake Master Cylinder & or Serves kit.
Serves kit for Shock absorbers.
Serves kit for Front & Rear brake callipers.
Front & Rear brake pads.
Tecno weld, (Aluminium brazing /soldering rods).
M 6, 8 & 10 nuts and washers.
M 6, 8 & 10 bolts, (various lengths).

    (far from complete yet)

To be continued