The items in “black” completed, (some with links to more information).
Any items in “mauve” need to be replaced, upgraded or we need more.
The items in “Green” are almost completed.
The headings in “Blue” provide a link to related items from all category.


I will add links to reviews and more information ASAP.

     Engine cooling.
Reroute radiator pipework, (to allow for second storage/battery compartment).

     Fuel system.
Items to come.

Spacers for rear light clusters, (to improve visibility & provide a power outlet).

     Driving aids.
Truck mirrors.
Windscreen Washer Jets upgrade, ( Triple Jets).
Anti-mist film on wing mirrors,

     Safety equipment.
Items to come.

    Communication & Navigation Systems.
CB aerial, (second still to fix).

       Of road additions.
Reinforce engine cradle.
Modified front bash-plate, (will possibly be replaced with aluminium).
Modified engine Sump guard, (will possibly be replaced with aluminium).
Uprated front winching attachment points.

Extended front & rear wheel arches.
Reinforce floor around storage and battery-boxes.
Semi captive bolts on ends of driveshaft protection bars.
Recessed waterproof access points for CB aerial cables, in the roof.
Recessed waterproof access points for solar panel cables in the roof.

      Access, doors, windows & hatches.
Extend side door runner, (for better rear-wheel clearance).
Nylon rollers for the side door.

Underslung storage and battery-boxes, (second still to be installed).
Storage rack in front bash-plate,

      Twin swing-out arms.
          (see “General use with the van” for attachments).

      4 bar roof rack.
          (See “General use with the van” for attachments).

      Heating, Cooling & insolation.
tems to come.

     Wild camping mods
Items to come.

     Privacy & hygiene.
Items to come.

    Travelling comforts.
Items to come.

     Long-term protection.
Removable parts underneath galvanised where possible.
Spare wheel covers, (see twin swing-out arms).

Bat logo x1 for spare wheel cover, (for use with single spare wheel).
Cats eyes logo x2 for spare wheel covers, (for use when both spare wheel are fitted).
Flags with bat logo for tope of the fixed poles.