Safety equipment.

Items in “grey” are still todo.
Items in “mauve” needs to be fixed, replaced, upgraded or we need more.
Items in “brown” are under construction or on order.
Items in “green” are almost completed.
Items in “black” completed.

I will add links to reviews and more information ASAP.



First Aid Kits,   (contents).
Emergency snatch bags.
Digitised first aid manuals.
Water filter.
Fire extinguisher, (old, needs replacing), (available quickly).
CO2 smoke detectors, (needs replacing).
Reflective warning triangles,  (available quickly).
Reflective waistcoats, (available quickly).
Inspection lamp, (magnetic & rechargeable).
Leather gloves.
Hand cleaner.
Additional, separately wired air horns.
Hi-vis reflective stripes, black in daylight, (see personalisation).
Retracting three-point seat belts in the roof in the back of the van.

360° camera system, (day/night vision).


More photos and in user reviews to follow ASAP.
First Aid Kit, (contents), (in use reviews).
Emergency snatch bags, (contents and in-use reviews ).
Water filter, (in use reviews).
Fire extinguisher, (old, needs replacing), (in use reviews).
CO2 smoke detectors, (needs replacing), (in use reviews).
Reflective warning triangles, (in use reviews).
Reflective waistcoats, (in use reviews).
Inspection lamp, (magnetic & rechargeable), (in use reviews).
Overalls, (in use reviews).
Leather gloves, (in use reviews).


Goggles, (in use reviews).
Hand cleaner, (in use reviews).
Our reasoning & expectations behind this.

More info and Photos and full write-up to follow soon

Other related or affected items.