Basic tool kit.

We are still learning what we need, so the list below is not complete.
Additional tools can be taken from the more comprehensive toolkit (at home) when considered necessary for the trip planned, some of the tools on the list, if we find they are not needed, will be left at home.

Items in “Black” will probably be taken on all trips.
Items in “Green” are available but which will be taken is still being deliberated.
Items in the mauve are still on our wishlist or taken from home ( so not yet permanently in the tool kit) but I think I need to get them ASAP.
The items in “brown” are specific tools to fit the engine & suspension we have fitted.

I will add links to reviews and more information ASAP.

The Tool kit.

1/4″ drive socket set, 3 to 13mm.
3/8″ drive socket set, 8 to 24mm.
1/2″ drive socket set, 24 to 36mm.
Socket drive adaptors,  (3/4” to  1/2” to  3/8” to  1/4”).
Socket extension bars.
1/2″ drive 10 – 200 N-m,  digital torque wrench.
3/4″ drive  100 – 1000 N-m,  digital torque wrench.
3/4″ drive 46mm socket, (for rear hub nut).
3/4″ drive 19mm socket, (for front hub nut).
1/2″ drive long 8mm torx socket, (for CV joints).
3/8″ drive glow plug socket, ( to fit Subaru EE20 engine).
1/2″ drive injector plug socket. ( to fit Subaru EE20 engine).
Box / tube spanner 50mm, (for fuel filter).
Hook wrench, (for adjusting suspension height).
Torx bit set.
Hex bit set.
6 to 19mm spanners open end & ratchet type.
6 to 19mm double end ring spanners.
6 to 19mm open-ended spanners.
A range of screwdrivers.
Pliers squaire ended x3, (larg, small & compound).
Pliers needle nose x3, (straight, curved & compound).
Multi-function circlip pliers.
Mole grips x2, (parallel & curved jaw).  
Adjustable pipe wrench.
Oil filter strap wrench, (1/2″ drive).
Strap wrenches, (100mm & 150mm max diameter).
Small crowbar.
Ball pen hammer, (small).
Hacksaw, (and blades).
Junior hacksaw, (and blades).
Files, (flat, round, squair, triangular & convex).
Wire brushes, (stainless-steel, brass & nylon).
Multimeter & test leads.
Gas soldering iron, (and solder).
Crimping tool, (and crimps, Including fuse holders).
Wire cutters, (compound).
Wire strippers.
Insulated screwdrivers.
Small pliers & cutter set.
Precision screwdriver set.
Stanley knife, (and blades).
Telescopic magnetic pick up tool.
Telescopic inspection mirror / light.

Spares & Tools in the van.

       Tyre pump, (stored in the van). 
       Jump leads, (stored in the van).
       Insulated spanners, (for batteries, stored in the van).

       Tow rope, (stored in the van).
       Jack, (stored in the van).
       3/4″ drive breaker bar, (stored in the van).
       3/4 drive wheel nut socket, (stored in the van).
       Inspection lamp, (magnetic & rechargeable, stored in the van).
       Overalls, (taken from home).
       Leather gloves, (stored in the van).
       Goggles, (stored in the van).

Tool kit consumables.

Disposable gloves.
Wire, (assortment).
Cable ties.
Crimps, (a range Inc. fuse holders).
Heat shrink tubing.
Jubilee clips, (various).
Hose clips.

Gaffer tape.
Electrical tape.
Self-amalgamating tape.
Electrical contact cleaner spray.
Penetrating oil, (WD40).
Three in one oil.
Graphite spray.
Grease, (white,  silicone, lithium,  moly,  copper  &  red rubber  grease).
Loctite thread-locker, (222, 243 & 263 – low, medium & high strength).
Stanley knife blades.
Hacksaw blades 12″.
Junior hacksaw blades 6″.
Soldering iron gas refill.

Additional, tools & spares for longer trips.
Usually left at home for planned jobs, but available if required for longer trips or journeys to more remote places.


to be continued