Mechanical and electrics.

The items in “Green” are almost completed.

EE20 Subaru engine.

E C U,  (mapping still not correct).

      Fuel system.

       Oil system.
Charge cooler.
Reroute charge cooler pipe work, (to allow for storage/battery compartments).

      Engine air supply.

      Engine cooling.
Reroute radiator pipe work, (to allow for storage/battery compartments).
Integrated main, charge cooler & air-con rad.

      Exhaust system.
Stainless steel exhaust system.

       Drive train.
Modified dual-mass clutch & thrust bearing.
Gearbox upgraded.
Cable gear linkage,
(should also allow for a second full-size underslung box).
Viscous coupling serviced.
ATB (Automatic Torque Biasing) differentials.
CV boot protector.

       Suspension & wheels.
Bushes replaced with poly bushes where possible.
Go Westy progressive springs, (front fitted).
Adjustable front ride height.
Adjustable shocks front & back.
16″ trailing arms.
16″ rims with A/T  235-70-R16 tyres.

       Braking system.
Up-rated brake servo.
Uprated front disk brakes.
Uprated Back brakes, (disks fitted).
Rerouted back brake pipes, (over trailing arms).
Non-return valves on brake bleed points.

Electric power steering pump.

Fusses replaced with circuit breakers, (some left to change).

LED reversing lights.

      Communication & Navigation Systems.
Sat-Nav head unit.
CB aerial connection, (in dash board).

      Dash board.
Upgraded dash clocks, (calibration and wiring to complete).

       Driving aids.
Reversing camera for dash board head unit.
Electric heated rear window.

       Traveling comforts.

       Of road additions.
Reinforce engine cradle.

        Long-term protection.