Emergency snatch bags,

Two small bags (hopefully as unobtrusive as possible) to be grabbed should we have to leave the van in a hurry, If time allows then the snatch bag can be packed in a larger bag, with other items. They can also be taken in the rucksack when walking if required.
Contents are still under consideration and may change slightly depending on destination. However, having written the list, so far the basic items seem to work for most destinations from the UK to more remote areas, and in most climates.
Contents should be checked before each trip.

For the UK, Local European & More remote areas.

Passport (outside the UK) and paperwork, (original or copes in both bags).
Emergency contact numbers, (hard copies in both bags).
Mobile phone, GPS enabled, (if not in pocket).
Money & credit cards, (if not in pocket).

Small first aid kit, (See first aid page for contents).
Water purifying tablets, (additional to those ones in first aid kit).

Sun blocker.
Insect repellant.
Fleece hat & gloves.
Sun hat.

More photos and in user reviews to follow ASAP.

Our current snatch bags.
these bags can be used as a sholder or wast bags.

Our reasoning & expectations behind this.

More info and Photos and full write-up to follow soon

Other related or affected items.


In use reviews.
Our conclusions.