The Beast
Sheila & Gary’s long-term project.

The van we call the Beast is a  1988 RHD Syncro caravel camper conversion. original a petrol 14″ but now fitted with a Subaru EE20 diesel and 16″ wheels, plus quite a few other changes, and a lot more to come.
See What’s been done? for a summary of the work so far,  Work in progress for an idea of where we are heading, also the reviews section for the kit we use.

As the links bar suggest we hope to give an overview of the van, the work on it and its modifications, plus reviews of the kit we use and the places we’ve been which we hope will one day be the biggest section. (But it may take us a while). Hopefully the site will grow to one day be of use to others.
We would have welcomed comments and suggestions but we have had to turn off the comments due to the amount of absolute rubbish and adverts we get  (its a shame a few spoil it for all). we are still learning how to use Word Press, so may be able to turn comments on if we can find a way to filter the rubbish.


Galvanising the removable parts

More work whilst the van is at Doug’s , as the van is out of action for some time and most of the parts underneath have been removed ,it seemed a good opportunity to get all the removable part galvanised. The parts before being galvanised.

About the Beast.

The “Beast” where it started, what’s been done, what’s happening now and where we hope to go.

The Past.

        The history of the beast.
             The vans origins and our starting point.
        What’s been done.
              The list of modifications & upgrades by us.
        Maintenance, Repairs & Work.


        Work in progress.
              The jobs we are working on, or are planning to do.
       Tools & pares for longer trips.
         Serves schedule.

Plans and pipe dreams.

            Long-term plans for the Beast.
             Pipe Dreams.


Kit Reviews.

A few personal thoughts and comments on the bits of kit we use.
Not many yet, but we will add more ASAP

Permanently fitted or Available.


        Mechanical and electrics.
                 Items  available or permanently fitted on the van.
                 Items  available or permanently fitted on the van.
                Items  available or permanently fitted on the van.

General use & Camping    

        For use with the van.

        General camping kit.

Maintenance, spares & recovery.

       Van maintenance & spares.
                  Spares, tools & equipment for our travel with the van.
        Basic tool kit.
                  Whats in the tool box.

        Recovery kit.
                  The currently available recovery kit.
       Spares & tools for longer trips.


Modified kit & Equipment.

       Custom tools & Kit Modification.

       Custom tools.

Toys & Follies.