The second van.

 The second van, (ideas guinea-pig for the Beast).

A few of the ideas from the work in progress that we hope to build and test on the second van.
Some of the projects below will take some time (or might not be possible), so building and testing them on a second van should help to keep the beast on the road more.

Pop-top roof construction.
      Move cross member back when fitting pop-top.
      Retracting three-point seat belts in the roof in the back of the van.
      Pipe storage box & awning integrated into sides of the pop-top roof.

      CB aerials integrated into sides of the pop-top roof.
      Roof rails & crossbars.
      Sunroof/access hatch at the front.
      Sunroof type vents in pop-top, (x2).
Storage lockers in the side panel behind the driver’s door.
Roller blinds on all windows & dashboard.
Raised front top spring mounts 2” -3”.
Adjustable rear ride height.
Modify electric window winders.

Recirculating heated air modification.
Electric folding truck style wing mirrors.
Adjustable height tow bar.
Curtain surround for the open tailgate, (shower cubical).
Sand screens & fixings for windows & lights.
Move fuel inlet up higher & fit flap that locks with central locking.

Underslung fuel tanks x 2,
Extend floor where the fuel tank was, (planed mod after fuel tank is moved).
Fit a  cyclonic dust filter on the engine air intake, (before the main filter).
Deadlock through bolts on all doors.
Extended upper channel detail in the side of the van.