Custom Kit & Equipment.

Listed below are items we have made from scratch, or bought, then modified or adapted for use with the van. Some will also appear in other lists.

Permanently fitted or Available.

       Mechanical and electrics.
Underslung storage and battery-boxes,
(second still to be installed).
Strait Ladder & Rack.
Front bash-plate. (work still in progress).
Modified engine bash plate Sump guard.
Uprated front winching attachment points.

Maintenance, spares & recovery.

       Van maintenance & spares.
        Basic tool kit.

        Recovery kit.
Ground anchor plate fabrication.
(need a second set).
       Spares & tools for longer trips.

General use & Camping    

        For use with the van.
Fixed telescopic flagpole.
Flatpack Fire Pit/Stove, Mk1.
Storage box for the swing-out arm.
Cat-claw Protection for airframe tent “pole” bases.

        General camping kit.