The items in “black” are completed, (some with links to more information).
Any items in “mauve” need to be replaced, upgraded or we need more.
The items in “Green” are almost completed.
The headings in “Blue” provide a link to related items from all category.

I will add links to reviews and more information ASAP.

     Driving aids.
Printed speed conversion sheets, (mph – kph – mph), (needs reprinting).

      Safety equipment.
Fire extinguisher, (old one needs replacing / upgrading).
CO2 smoke detectors, (need replacing).

    Communication & Navigation Systems.
Compass and clino, (see dashboard).

      Of road addition.
Items to come.

Plywood floor with hatch to access storage /battery box.

       Access doors, windows & hatches.
Items to come.

Cupboard units, (under construction).
Water storage, (needs floor extending inside to use properly).

      Heating, Cooling & insolation.
Items to come.

      Insect protection.
Midge netting for the back door.     

      Camping & cooking equipment.
Gas hob, sink and cupboard units, (under construction, temporary).

Rubber backed removable carpet.

      Seating & sleeping.
Rotatable passenger’s seat.
Full-size seat R&R bed, (will be replaced or modified to 3/4).

        Wild camping mods.
Items to come.

        Travelling comforts.
Items to come.

       Long-term protection.
Items to come.