The items in “Green” are almost completed.

     Driving aids.
Printed speed conversion sheets, (mph – kph – mph), (needs reprinting).

      Safety equipment.
Fire extinguisher, (old one needs replacing / upgrading).
CO2 smoke detectors, (need replacing).

    Communication & Navigation Systems.

      Of road addition.
Compass and clino.

       Body work.
Plywood floor with hatch to access storage /battery box.
Large rubber backed carpet/mat.

       Access doors, windows & hatches.

Cupboard units, (under construction).
Water storage.

        Heating & insolation.

        Camping mods and additions.
Rotatable passenger’s seat.

        Cooking equipment.
Gas hob, sink above cupboard units, (under construction).

        Wild camping mods

        Traveling comforts.