For use with the van.

Below are the items for general use when travelling. Not all will necessarily be used at the same time but are available to take depending on the trip.

For a list of all the items for use with the van, completed or planed see the General use & Camping kit complete list, 2.
The headings in “Blue” provide a link to related items from all categories & include the items we intend to make modify or buy.

The items in “black” are completed, (some with links to more information).
Any items in “mauve” need to be replaced, upgraded or we need more ASAP.
The items in “Green” are almost completed.
The items initalics (any colour)” are listed in another category, (see links).

I will add links to reviews and more information ASAP.

      Heating, Cooling & insolation.
Portable gas heater, (temporary, sliding door must be open when used).
Portable electric fan heater, (requires 240v power supply).

       Safety equipment.
First aid + kit, (first aid kit, contents).
Emergency snatch bag, (contents dependent on destinations).
Digitised first aid manuals.

Fire extinguisher, (old one needs replacing / upgrading).
Water filter.
Hi-vis jackets.
Belay rope.
Waders chest high.
Inflatable life jacket, (need a second jacket).
Backup tent, (see tents).

        Communication & Navigation Systems.
GPS, additional to the fixed sat nav in the van, (currently using phones).
Handheld CB radios (x2) and charger, (runs on rechargeable AA cells).
Walkie-talkies, (limited range, smaller than CB’s, runs on AA cells).
Tablet computer & Charging system, (Wi-Fi navigation & manuals).
GPS receiver for tablet or laptop.
Digitised maps, (of the intended destination).

       Of road addition.
Second spare wheel, (see twin swing-out arm attachments).
Belay rope, (Safety equipment).
Harness, (Safety equipment).
Waders chest high, (Safety equipment).

Seatback storage for front seats, (configurable & detachable).
Dry bags, (for use in roof boxes).
Water storage containers, (6 x 12L). (see cooking equipment).

       Attachments for the swing-out arms.
Storage boxes,  ( 1 available).
Original wheel carriers, (x1 available).
Spare wheels, (need carrier for the second wheel).  
Modified wheel carrier mounts, (x2 so wheels face the other way).
Spare wheel covers with logos, (UV protection for the tyres,  see personalisation).
        1 spare wheel cover with bat logo, (for use with single spare wheel).
        2 spare wheel covers with cats eys, (for use when both spare wheel are fitted).
Fold-out trays (x2).

       Attachments for 4 bar roof rack.
Roof boxes (2).
Fixed wind out awning.
Under-slung ladder rack & ladder.
Pipe storage box.

      Insect protection.
LED hanging lights with UV bug killer.
Solar UV bug killers.
Bug bat.

       Cooking equipment.
Sharp knives & cooking utensils, (permanently in the van).
Glasses, cups & plates, (possibly plastic, permanently in the van).
Cutlery, (permanently in the van).
Water storage containers, (6 x 12L).
Freezer box.
Insulated cool bags.

Poles line & pegs for a standalone washing line.
Dust-pan & brush.
Ice scraper.

Drive-away airframe tent, (large 6x3M).
Drive-away airframe tent, (medium 3x3M).
Drive-away winter tent, (large 6x3M ?).

Popup Loo tent, (damaged on delivery).
Backup tent.

     Lighting, (portable)
LED headlamps.
LED area/floodlights.

Sleeping bags, (synthetic filling).
Sleeping bags, (down filling), (see lightweight camping).
(see lightweight camping).

     Camping furniture.
Camping Chairs, (may change).
Camping table(may change).

       Wild camping.
Pick & shovel, (entrenching tool).
Water filter, (see safety equipment).

        Privacy & hygiene.
Portaloo stool, (needs more research).
Popup loo tent, (see tents).

        Travelling comforts.
LED head torches.
Camping Chairs, (Camping furniture).
Camping tables, (Camping furniture).
Levelling wedges (2), (need storage rack).
Plastic post and chain link fence.
Mark 1 fire pit.
Mark 2 fire pit.
Fishing kit.
Binoculars, (& or camera, tripod and long lens).

       Long-term protection.
No planned additions from this section at present.

Bat kite for flag poles.
1 spare wheel cover with bat logo, (for use with single spare wheel).
2 spare wheel covers with cats eys, (for use when both spare wheel are fitted).
LED light for the top of the flag pole.
Flags with bat logo for tope of the fixed poles.


   See also
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