Like the tool kit, the recovery ( self-help) equipment is still being assembled, so the list is certainly not complete and is growing as we learn more about what we need. Listed below are the items currently available, how much of the kit is carried will also depend on the intended trip?

Items in the “black” will probably be permanently left in the van.
Items in “Grey” only when we think necessary or longer trips.
Items in “mauve” need to be changed, replaced, or we need more.

I will add links to reviews and more information about individual items ASAP.

       Ground anchor kit
Ground anchor plates (x4 two sets), (2 plates still to complete).
Ground anchor pins (x12), (6 per anchor plate set).
Ground anchor pin extractor,  (Mk 1).
      (Attaches to the 3/4″ breaker bar permanently stored in the van).

       Rops, straps cables & bars.
Tow rope, (need to splice eyes in a new one, normally stored in the van).
Halling ropes, (static dynemer, may
need more).
Snatch rope,  (30m rated @ 10 ton), (dynamic).
Tree/towing straps x 5.
Ratchet straps x 4,
(2 @ 1” + 2 @ 2”).

       Pulleys & shackles.
Pulleys, (need more).
Soft shackles, (need more).

Hard shackles and or maillons, (prefer soft shackles, may need more).
Jate-rings for winching points x2, (normally stored in the van).

   Winch systems.
Winch, (manual portable).
Winch ropes, (steel).

       Jacks & stands.
Bottle jack, (normally stored in the van).
High lift jack,
(may replace Bottle jack depending on the planed trip).
Axel stands, (depending on the planned trip).
Waffle board Jack stand
, (normally stored in the van).

       Wheel & tyre maintenance equipment.
3/4″ drive breaker bar & wheel nut socket, (normally stored in the van).
Tyre pressure deflator & gauge, (normally stored in the van).
Tyre valve puller / mounting tool.
Tyre levers.
Tyre paste/soap and brush.

All-terrain tyres(see suspension & wheels).
Snow chains, (2 sets).
Grip mats x2, (plastic).
Waffle boards x4, (38mm fibreglass)
Waffle boards x4, (50mm fibreglass).

       Recovery tools.
Sledgehammer, (small).
Pick, (full size).
Pick & shovel (entrenching tool),  ( small, normally stored in the van).
Snow shovel.

     Fuel system.
Spare fuel containers.

To be continued