Long term plans for the Beast.

Servo assisted clutch.
Run-flat Wheels.
Dash monitored tyre pressure indicator.
Modify/replace twin swing-out arms, (to improve rear light visibility).
Storage lockers behind driver’s door, (in the side panel).
Enclosed engine, (worry-free river fording).
Roof boxes as boats/canoes.
Roof boxes as side floats, (Calm water amphibious capabilities).
Side-mounted storage racks.
Protection bars when removed make a wheeled engine pallet.
Portable 12/24/36v welding kit.
Attachment points to the braking system, (so the van can be a trailer).
Permanent engine hoist points in roof of van.
Hoist for the engine, (Dyneema and micro pulleys).
Transmission power take of point.
Fully locking drive train, (locked – Syncro – Decupled).

Attachable A frame, (carbon fibre poles & Dyneema).


Pipe Dreams.