Fixed telescopic flagpole,

The flagpole fitted permanently to the wheel carer, (and flying the bat).

Our reasoning and expectations behind this.

We liked the idea of a flag-pole and kite so the bat seemed quite appropriate (it’s my 80-90 forum name), however, we wanted it to be fixed securely, and quick to put up, something using the supplied stake didn’t achieve even adding guy ropes. Fixing it permanently to the van solved both problems, it also solves the storage, (for the pole if not the kite).
Long term we also intend to have a light at the top of the pole so the pole being attached to the vane will also make the power supply for the light easier.

More info and Photos and full write-up to follow soon.

Other related or affected items.
     See    Attachments for the swing-out arms.
In use reviews for this.


Our conclusions.

Very stable fixing.
Very quick to erect & dismantle.
Essay accesses to the power supply, (needed for the planed mod).
Storage problem solved, (for the pole).


Possible vulnerably to damage when driving off-road.
May transmit some wind noise into the van, (don’t know yet??).
Essay to forget it’s up when packing to leave.