Jacks & Stands.

Items in grey are still todo.
Items in mauve needs to be fixed, replaced, upgraded or we need more.
Items in brown are under construction or on order.
Items in green are almost completed.
Items in “black” completed.
Bottle Jack.
High-Lift Jack.
A stronger version of the original jake. (homemade, the original brock lifting the van).
Trolley jack, (High lift).
Axel stands, (depending on the planned trip).
Waffle board Jack stand, (normally stored in the van).

Bottle Jack.

High-Lift Jack.

Axel stands, 

Our reasoning behind this.

More info and Photos and full write-up to follow soon

Our expectations.


Other related or affected items.
                     Wheel & Tyre Maintenance Equipment.
                     Axle stands.