Strait Ladder & Rack

We have now fitted a straight ladder in runners under the roof rack.

Sorry, there are no construction photos.






Runners attached to the underside of roof rack using u bolts,
the second piece of ally channel around first gives extra support and acts as a spacer.

Bolts through the top of the ladder act as the runners.
Each bolt has a piece of ally tubing just smaller than the channel and a large washer on it forming a guide. 

A hole drilled through the channel with a bolt dropped in stops the ladder sliding out of the end (we will probably replace this with a carabiner or long-staple padlock).
Rubber bungs for the ladder ends will also be fitted sometime soon.

The ends of the channel have been shaped to assist essay insertion of the ladder.

We intend to fit a bar underneath to prevent the ladder hitting the roof when being loaded/unloaded (drawing showing the concept not to scale). We will post a photo when fitted.

We am currently using the towbar to reach the ladder but will fit a step of some sort to the bumper eventually.


We are also hoping to use the same system each side of the ladder underneath the top boxes for the sand ladders when we get them, More photos when we do.







Our reasoning and expectations behind this.


Other related or affected parts.
    See     4 Bar Roof Rack.
In use reviews.
Our conclusions.

The ladder weighs 5.5KG  + fixings at about 1KG, so slightly lighter than the telescopic ladder it replaces, also it is out of the way on the roof.

Accessing the ladder is a bit awkward at present, but we intend to fix a fold out step on the rear bumper.