Cat proofing the new awning.

Having failed to get to Syncropendence I thought it would be a good idea to put up our new awning (I’d intended take with me,) and possibly install the bits of plastic sheet in the pole tube basses to protect the inflatable poles from our cat.

After a lot of pumping, the tent is still on the ground.

So I check the valve, pump and tent instructions (checking the instructions must be bad) all to no avail, so I contact the suppliers, I’m given a few things to check and the manufactures details.

Followed suppliers instruction, still no tent, so contacted manufactures more things to look at, including tightening the inflation point and the pressure relief valve as apparently, there only put in hand tight in the factory.

The valve and inflation point now very tight, lots more pumping, tent still on the ground, poles will not inflate so at this point, a new set of poles get requested.

Fast forward, a few days and the new poles arrive. Back out in the garden, I turn the tent inside out to remove damaged poles, it’s at this point I find the second valve on the inside of the tent marked “deflation only” in the open position.

The suppliers and manufacturers where very helpful and did try to help, the replacement air tubs being sent very quickly, however, it’s a shame the instructions didn’t mention, and the suppliers and manufacturers didn’t know there is a second valve only accessible from the inside, even the sale info states a single inflation point.  
Valves now all closed, the poles inflating properly

So, at last, I can install the plastic sheeting in the tubs bases and cat-proof the tent.


Reason for tent mobs (anything new has to be investigated).

White PTFE 0.3mm Sheet cut to size, the hole for valve and corners rounded. valve removed so plastic sheet can be put in position.

Plastic sheet in position.

Valve reassembled just need to do up the zip on the air pole.

The same process for the other valves and other corners, two with no holes and one with a double hole, I may need to put a stitch at top and bottom of the plastic sheets if they are prone to movement.

I’ve also replaced the cable ties on the zips with string so they can be accessed easily.


The Awning

I’m quite pleased with the tent, although still to use it in anger. I will write a review for the blog when I eventually do.
I’m hoping that having the air poles will not damage if exposed to strong winds if/when left unattended.
The PTFE plastic sheeting was sourced from E-Bay and appears to be cat claw proof in testing (only tested with above mention cat), hope this is of use to someone.