Maintenance & spares.

The Items listed below cover the repair and maintenance of the van at home and in use.
We are slowly putting together a toolkit and a selection of spare parts for the van, some of the items I would expect to be carried all the time, others occasionally depending on the intended trip, the remaining items would only be used at home for planned jobs.
The list is far from complete as what we need and which category the items belong in, is still evolving as we learn more about the van.

Items in “Black” will probably be taken on all trips.
Items in “mauve” need to be changed, replaced, or we need more.
Items in “Green” are almost completed
I will add links to reviews and more information about individual items asap.


Spares & Tools for in the van.

Water, (fresh for each trip, 12L to 72L dependent on the type of trip).
Fuel, (spare 5L or 10L until the second fuel tank is fitted).
Oil, (for the Engine).
Screen-wash concentrate, (with Antifreeze depending on the type of trip).
De-icer, (dependent on the time of the year or type of trip).
Spare fuses, (circuit breaker type).
Gaffer tape.
Fire extinguisher, (old, need a new one).
Jack, (Bottle or High Lift depending on the type of trip).
Wheel nut socket & 3/4″ drive breaker bar.
(Breaker bar adaptors 3/4” to  1/2” to  3/8” to  1/4” stored in the toolkit).
Waste Nut Box/Tube Spanner 50mm, (fits fuel filter).
Tyre pressure deflator & gauge.
Tyre pump, (manual until electric one is fitted).
    See recovery kit for more wheel & tyre maintenance equipment.
Jump leads.
Tow Rope, (old, need to splice eyes in a new one).
Reflective warning triangles,  (available quickly).
Reflective waistcoats, (available quickly).
Hand cleaner.
AA card, (need to print numbers and laminate).
Basic tool kit, (kit not complete yet).

Recovery kit, (In part or all dependent on the trip).
Snow chains, (dependent on the time of the year or type of trip).
Additional spares & tools,  (dependent on the trip).